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It’s amusing how things turn out to happen, first you have strange experiences, then you start to ponder, and do some experiments, and then… you find something, and it changes you.

But this is not what I wanted to talk about here, it’s… people.

Every now and then you get to talk to people, normally, this is a conversation where you share your common interests, pursuits, mundane things perharps, normal interactions, and then, there are the other conversations, there’s when you can’t stop wondering what’s wrong with people, that is arguing, you see, sometimes we disagree, and it is not just a disagreement, it is a game, a competition of egos, trying to show off and see who has  the bigger ego, no matter wheter you wish to give up or not on the topic, they have to “win” they have to make it clear, and you, sometimes, can fall into this trap too, you feel you have to “win” to “crush your enemy”, wich is just another person, with a different point of view, the more you get into the game, the more vicious it gets, you feel an urge to deprive them of something, perharps their dignity, perharps their honor, make them feel dumb (or make your ego bigger by thinking you’re making them feel dumb), it starts with witty remarks, jokes, but if you follow this game long enough, you will notice how you get more and more vicious, relentless, you have to deal damage or you aren’t satisfied; this is especially true on the internet, where everybody thinks he or she is anonymous, what starts as a polite ask/answer intercourse, ends up being a flamewar at best.

This is an epidemic on our days, since this seems to affect most people, we make people unhappy, and bring ourselves unhappyness aswell. I’m not talking about trolling, we all know trolling happens, I’m talking about normal social interactions becoming trolling day after day. So stop it people.

It is not a game, if you want a game, buy a game, create one if you do not wish to spend the money in a game, and play with it. Because that’s what games are for, people aren’t meant for your personal amusement, and this is one of the reasons why we have nowadays so poor psy-health. No they aren’t weak, you are, you are the one who has a hunger to feed your ego, in fact you are addicted, so badly that you crave it, and if you don’t get it, you feel unhappy, and you can get very easily depressed at best, is that what you want in your life?

I most certainly don’t, and trust me, I was a top tier troll.


Quick update

First experiment with aura viewing successful, will do more tests, viewing was vague but definitely noticeable, will update this post when more data is available. Second test successful, viewing leaves an afterimage, interesting. Still blurry, will do more testing.

One of the foundations of GNM is that the patient has an unresolved conflict and this causes the cancer to appear.

Let’s have a look at the metaphysical side of energy trouble generated maladies:

There are blockages where energy is sluggish or  there are big amounts of negatively charged energy, this doesn’t mean that you are sick, this means that you can do less effective energy work and you must cleanse those problems to more properly succeed in your practices. If there is an aliment to appear, so far the only witnessed ones have been infections as the graver ones, in my case it was constipation (so much for cancer) When did this happen? Exactly! It did happen the moment the area was cleansed of the blockage, so not only does an energy blockage not make you sick, but it is the act of healing this blockage what can cause sickness, sickness that, by the way, your doctor can help you get rid off. So again, no, GNM, wich is heavily based on metaphysics is not headed the right way.

This would assume the patient is either properly trained and/or naturally gifted to do energy work on his/her own, and that this subject did indeed try to clear a blockage, not only that, but it did so in really wild ways, as in the whole body being full of negatively charged energy and in one single beastly maneuver cleaning it instantly, hence creating an imbalance wich would result in leaving the subject tired for several days due to the effort required, that and increased hunger. And even this would probably not be enough to cause a cancer, after all it’s SUBTLE energy we are dealing with, it’s a really subtle thing.

She talked to me one night, she was a beautiful strange girl, told me she could feel me, and I followed her game.

The next day I woke up with blood on my bellybutton, and I was feeling a bit weak, I had to stimulate my left arm for it to move too. She said she wanted to do things for me over msn, and it all seemed so strange. Then I felt it, she was touching me, she described my body parts accurately as I was feeling her cold touch all over my body, then she laughed, seemed to be very amused, and I suddenly felt an orgasm that lasted for 3 long hours, she seemed to be enjoying herself too, and I wast just too confused. That same night I dreamt about her, and to my shock the next morning she described the dream in full detail, asking me if I had enjoyed it. All I was feeling was maddening euphoria.

This happened that second day too, same experiences, on the third day I could feel she was a bit away from me, and I gave her a phone call, indeed, she had moved away for a while. That night was strange, she didn’t come to my dreams, instead something very strange happened. I was having a walk and it felt like I was collecting a thin filament, like a thread, later on I went to bed, my body acted strangely and I went into her dreams, again, she described it the next day in full detail and chuckled.

That day was hell, when I walked out of home I felt my stomach feeling heavy and full of air, and this would move to other organs, it alarmed me, then I discovered I could pool heat in my hands, apply it into the affected areas and then quickly pool coldness, thus healing the strange malady, she seemed puzzled by this. We grew apart for some time, and a strange guy appeared, he claimed she should be with him, as it was her kind, and not with somebody like me. I had nightmares the following 4 days and felt pretty sick, until she scolded him. The strange stomach problem persisted during some more days.

She came back, said she needed me, kissed me and suddenly I felt like I was being drained, weak as a kitty, she said she was sorry and that she would be gentler next times, this kept happening from time to time and not always with her present.

She began playing with me, pranking me for fun. I would be in a family meeting and she would trigger the orgasm. If I was alone, the room temperature dropped below zero, she would slap my butt when I was walking…

One day she appeared in my dreams, and told me to forgive her, I have never seen her ever since. And slowly, life went back to normal. I still remember her smell, like strawberries.

Alas, Ikaruga is going…

What is energy work? It is a form of entertainment and something more.

I am going to explain a bit of energy work à la Robert Bruce, as it is an author whose methods I’ve experienced to succeed.

To begin, we will choose between a hand or a feet, as they are more sensitive. Once you have picked your fave limb, you will use it in new ways wich are weird, but can be very fun. Scratch or rub your selected limb to stimulate it, so that you generate some ki, you need a permanent feeling there, so keep rubbing or scratching until you achieve it,  this is called highlighting by author Robert Bruce, now you must try to feel with this limb minute changes in air movement and temperature, you need to be relaxed and focused, now, with your sense of body awareness you will try to move that feeling you created previously, you can swirl, you can push, you can caress, whatever works for you will do. Imagining you are doing it with your hand might help. If successful, this little experiment will produce very interesting, and in some cases really strong, sensations, what are these sensations doing to me, you may wonder? Nothing! As for energy to affect you in any way you must be able to successfully channel intent into the movement. (Well, it kind of made you question your sanity, didn’t it?).

Where am I going with this? Well, to be able to self-inflict cancer in yourself as GNM suggest, you should be a really really special individual who is capable of doing all this unconsciously, charging it like mad with intent, and a very precise intent indeed (wich is extra-difficult), and not only this, but be able to move massive amounts of vital energy so the change does actually happen. Because any energy worker who isn’t insane will tell you that they do apply healing and THEN go see a doctor, it helps a bit, but it certainly isn’t a cure it all; surf the net and ask away, nobody in his/her right mind will tell you otherwise.

German New Medicine seems to disagree, I will not discuss all the things they seem to disagree upon, not only because they have been exposed here: But also because it is not my field of expertise. Apparently, they correlate somehow cancer with very specific feelings, this is absurd, energy bodies and sensations are different for each person, yet they seem to think that for some reason there is a symptomatology, just like in traditional medicine, wich is absurd. In the exercise shown above, those who succeeded will have felt tingling, cool, warmth, heaviness, human touch (amazing, isn’t it?)… even pain in some cases, very different sensations for a process wich is essentially the same, so much for symptomatology…

After some time having a look at Anaximperator’s blog I decided to create my own. It is impressive the amount of people delving into metaphysics in search for a cure, as it is impressive the amount of charlatans to be found. Time to share the little experience I have gathered into the topic.

There are authors such as Robert Bruce who have published books that delve into that kind of thing, and with very easy means and little effort you can get in touch with what’s what, my current target? German New Medicine, wich claims to heal cancer by blaming the patient for having it on the first place.

This is some nerve to have indeed, such subjects are rare to be found, in order to influence your own body you do need training in such matters, and not just a little, also, energy does not work equally on every person, as the sensations vary from subject to subject so does the effects on energy on them, or so it is expected. Soon to come, an example on energy work, and what is happening when you are doing it.

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